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Velogames Fantasy TdF

July 12, 2014

The excellent Velo Club Don Logan podcast mentioned this game, so I thought I’d try it out this year. Similar to many fantasy leagues, you pick a team and they win points for their performance. I picked my team then looked at how you win points which is obviously the wrong way to do things, but worth a laugh anyway. I don’t think the team can be changed after the race starts.

My team:

Froome. Was my favourite for GC. Was winning points but is out now, so that was a bad pick.

Costa. Been quiet so far and is not high enough on any of the competitions to be winning my team points.

Pinot. Need to wait for the mountains. Was looking ok but has recently slipped lost time. I thought he would be the best of the French.

Frank. Nul point. Mountains required but doing worse than Pinot. Was my outside pick for a very high GC finish.

Sagan. Winning heaps of points. Good choice but also an easy one.

Martin. Not done much so far (according to this fantasy stuff, has been great in the real race). Favourite for ITT but that is only one stage and late in the race. Should have read the rules.

Yates. Token few points. Perhaps he will show something later in the race.

Terpstra. Token few. Had hoped that he would be strong in Stage 5 on the cobbles but didn’t do much.

Konig. Token points. Need some mountains.

I have 1051 points compared to the VCDL leader 1922, so pretty rubbish so far. My team is very mountains biased. Now that Froome is out this team is unlikely to improve much. At least I didn’t pick Cav as well. The leader picked Kittel (that looks obvious now) and some others who have been finished high up in stages without winning them (Cancellara, Albasini).


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