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TdF #12: Is Kittel the new fastest man?

July 12, 2013

In a straight out sprint between Kittel and Cav, the German won. It was a fair fight with both teams working well and delivered their man without incident. Kittel managed to pass Cav on the line and won by half a wheel.

So is Kittel faster than Cav? Not necessarily. I thought Cav went too early. Whether that was because there was a tailwind, or Steegman went to early, or Cav is low in confidence. Maybe a bit of all three. However, Cav was slowing at the line and Kittel could power past.

There was a bad crash about 2km from the line. Many Lotto riders including Greipel were affected. Apparently Boasson-Hagen is out which is a big blow to Sky, especially considering the similar rider Kiriyenka was eliminated a few days ago.

The previous 218km followed the script. The teams like Vacansoleil and Euskatel have been very prominent which may be due to their impending financial woes as their main sponsors are leaving and new ones have yet to be found. Sadly this is an annual worry in cycling and successful teams can disappear when sponsorship cannot be secured.   


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