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TdF #10: A Rough Sprint

July 12, 2013

Kittel was the best man at the end of the best lead out. All the talk was about the collision between Cav and Kittel’s teammate Veelers. Cav had been left in a difficult spot after his lead out failed to deliver him to the front. He was on the Argos train and when Veeler peeled off he looked back and veered towards Cav to slow him down. Cav did not like that and gave him a nudge on the way past, although Cav might have just been protecting himself against the bigger rider. Veelers went down hard and amazing no-one in the chasing peleton hit him or his bike. Another crash due to the lead out man going backwards through the pack.

Most pundits seemed to blame Cav for the crash, but whilst he had a part to play, I thought Veelers was equally at fault. If there are going to be four or more sprint trains going for the line, then more has to be done to make sure the lead out men stay out of the way of those going for the line. Sprinting is hard enough and dodgy at the best of times, without lead out men deliberately frustrating opponents. The officials decided it was just a racing incident and no penalty was placed on either rider. A good decision in my opinion.

The level of criticism is strange. Hesjedal causing Kennaugh’s crash yesterday was worse both in terms of the move and the consequences, yet little mud was thrown at the Canadian. Perhaps Cav’s fame attracts the blame.

Moreno lost time which confirms that I chose the wrong Katusha GC man. Rodriguez is the favoured rider.


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