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TdF #1: The Bus

June 30, 2013

Was the bus too big or the banner too low? Chaos and confusion when the Orica team bus was stuck on the finish line. The peleton was only 4km away when it was finally moved. In the meantime the finish line was moved to the 3km to go and then was moved back to the original finish. Kittel came out best man left standing and with a fine sprint took the win and a yellow jersey.

A huge crash took out Cav and Sagan at about 5km, then Greipel had a mechanical soon after. That eliminated some of the favourites for the stage. Lotto re-organised for Henderson but had used up their train due to the confusion over where the finish line was and he ended up 7th. Who knew Millar had such a strong sprint? He was 4th.

There are few injured that may not make the start tomorrow. Of most concern are Tony Martin, Thomas and King. Hopefully they are just bruised. Of the GC favourites both Froome and Contador hit the deck but neither seem to be injured.

The first 200km was fairly routine. A break got clear right after the start. They played cat and mouse with the peleton where it seemed to be more about who could go slower at times. The scenery was more interesting than the racing until the bus…


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One Comment
  1. mmck78 permalink

    Interesting tactic by green edge to wedge their bus under the finish line but didn’t work out for them in the end. They should have known that buses are unreliable!

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