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TdF Stage 4 Abbeville Rouen

July 5, 2012

Nice one big man. Greipel and Lotto win at last. They are rewarded for having the strongest lead out train and being at the front for the last few km. I loved seeing the whole team so happy with their win. Very much the team effort.

Their win was helped by Cav being brought down in a huge crash 2.5km to go. He went down hard with quite a few others and the crash split the peleton. Only 30 or so were left at the front including the whole Lotto train. Greipel easily held off the aging Petacchi, who seems to have lost a lot of top end speed in the last year or two. Goss and Sagan picked up a lot of points, Sagan is looking good in that competition at the moment.

Some GC contenders were held up in the crash but I did not notice any actually hit the deck. Nibali had a crash earlier on. Apart from that, it seemed to be quite a quiet day for the favourites. Cancellara and RNT continue to work hard and maintain the lead in the GC.


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