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Book Review: Dead water, Simon Ings

May 5, 2012

Dead water occurs where there are two separate layers of water, usually due to different salinity or temperature. The waters do not mix and boats sometimes cannot move as the props cavitate. A fascinating concept – one that is difficult to comprehend and experience. Yet, so intriguing.   

In some ways that sums up the book. Sometimes, quite often really, the different layers of the book did not mix. I was always waiting for them to be brought together, for the plot to be uncovered. However, it was not and I think that is a fault. When part of the plot was becoming interesting and then all of a sudden it stops, snuffed out. The author certainly was not worried about killing off a main character mid-way through the book. I continued reading and always had hope that the stories would be merged successfully.

The writing is very good and the plot was intriguing. There were many good characters that were developed through the story. They were not brought together though, at any stage of the book. Too ambitious and thoroughly baffling.


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