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Book review: Boy racer, Mark Cavendish

April 26, 2012

There is a lot to like about Mark Cavendish, the excitment of the sprinter, his appreciation of his team, his self confidence. The quality of his writing will never challenge Shakespeare, but there is enough in there to enjoy his story. The book is a bit out of date now as it was published in 2009. He has obviously gone on to even more victories and awards. The upbringing of a cyclist, especially one from the UK scene, is interesting and also a bit strange. The focus on the track and lack of support of the roadies is apparent. Or at least, that is Cavendish’s view on it. I’m never sure how much to believe, as his absolute convinction or his statements leads me to doubt some of it. The most moving section was about a young cyclist who was killed by a wheel that came off a truck in the Isle of Man. Cav was understanding very upset about the incident and seems to remember it strongly. Worth a read, will not take long as it is very readable. Don’t expect a once in a decade classic. 

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