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Fleche Wallone

April 21, 2012

I watched the race the other night, and to be honest, I wasn’t overly excited by it. I thought it was all very predictable. Rodriguez won it, he was certainly my favourite to win the race. There were some attacks early, a small break with Pro-con teams, a bit of a shake up near the end. But it all came together on the last climb and Rodriguez won on a climb perfectly suited to his talents.

So why was it not more exciting? Why were there so few attacks? I only remember Andy Schleck with about 40 to go, with next to no support (why do rider join an attack then do nothing? that is only acceptable if you are a policeman for someone else in your team). Then there was the attack near the end that seemed doomed from the start. So that is only 3 teams out of the 18 there. Where were Rabobank? Euskatel? Saxobank? They and half a dozen others failed to show their jerseys let alone any decent attempt to win the race.

The course was good enough. The crowd was great. The winner played his cards superbly. So where was the rest of the race? 190km to get to the last climb and watch the favourite storm away. Too predictable for my liking.


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