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Review: Velocast

April 10, 2012

Velocast seems to cover three podcasts. They are all about road cycling, mainly the men’s pro-tour. The main one involves Scott O’Raw and John Galloway talking about current racing, the companion one is called this week in cycling history (John Galloway and Cillian Kelly) and the last is called race radio which combines music with chatting about cycling. 

Velocast reappeared at the end of last year after an absence of a couple of years. In the interim John Galloway was involved with Flammecast, which was how I heard about this podcast. Velocast follows a similar format that Flammecast used to.

Scott and John are very knowledge and enthusiastic followers of the pro cycling scene. They seem to be very keen viewers of many of the races, which I don’t have available to me here. So I find it very interesting when they discuss races that I have only read summary reports online. They also know a great deal about the current and former riders, as well as the team structures and complication factors that make up the sport. I enjoy their banter and the mix of humour and specific cycling discussion.

There are some sections on sponsor products or techie sections on bikes or other gear. I tend to skip these as they don’t interest me much. I’m much more interested in the races and the cyclists rather than the equipment being used.

I really like the history pod. They mix a story about a particular race or cyclist from years gone by and then discuss it. I look forward to each episode. It often covers aspects of cycling history that I did not know, but I feel involved as I know some of the cyclists mentioned or the more recent editions of the races.

I don’t listen to the race radio pods as I have different music tastes. The cycling discussion is too broken up with the music for me to bother trying to listen to only those sections.

Overall, an entertaining and informative podcast on pro-cycling.


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