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SOL Auckland Tauranga

April 6, 2012

My best result in sailonline, so why not write about it? SOL is a great virtual sailing game that is a very realistic simulation of navigation. We pit our skills against up to 1000 fellow online salties. Many nationalities and from all walks of life. Enjoyable but addictive and doesn’t go well with sleeping!

So I finished 6th, which is by far my best finish. My previous best was 18th. I have been consistent in recent shorter races and usually within the top 30. To break the top 10 feels like a great achievement.

The race follows the real race between Auckland and Tauranga. I’ve done the real thing at least 3 times but not in the last couple of years. The real race was unfortunately cancelled at the last minute due to the ongoing problems with the cargo being lost of the Rena. Strong southeasterlies has spread more containers over the sea on the race area.

Usually in real life we sail through the Motuihe channel between Motutapu and Waiheke. However, some boats spotted an advantage going north of Motutapu. They gained about 0.2nm on me doing this. Not much, but I only lost by 0.3nm at the finish, so every little bit counts.

There was steady strong SE wind all race. It was on the wind after Channel Island and around the Coromandel. The wind did veer gradually especially in the middle third of the race. That meant it paid to be on the left as much as possible. As the land is in the way, lots of tacking close to shore was required. In real life, there are rocks, waves and local wind effects to worry about. We don’t have that on SOL and the consequences of crashing into land are not exactly life threatening. So very close to land we go.

The plot shows the course, as well as my track and that of the winner Atlet.

I don’t think I made any errors, even while sleeping. Delayed commands tell the boat where to go and are programmed to allow the SOLers to sleep, work or whatever else gets in the way of being online.

Well done to the top 5: Atlet (Sweded), Agage (Australia), Hew (USA), AC505 (Turkey), and Nacrr (Portugal). I was top kiwi, another rare achievement and probably my first.







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  1. Laree Anderson permalink

    Virtual congratulations! x

  2. Nuno permalink

    Nice report.


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